27th January 2011

Thursday, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

First Meteorite Sighting!

It is really cold around here. Observing Orion, there are a lot of stars around it. I cannot identify a single constellation other than Orion, because I don't have any star maps. I am thinking of making a naked eye sky map.

While observing Orion I saw a star near Betelguese. It appeared from nowhere. It moved in a medium speed. It went near the star Saiph in the constellation of Orion. When it reached Saiph it disappeared. I guess it was a meteorite or something.

I also saw a patch of light near the zenith. I think it is the Pleadies star cluster.

I had also read that a red super giant star is going to explode into a supernova or neutron star in a matter of years. I think it is the star Betelguese in the Orion Constellation. I have not seen the Moon for some days.