31st January 2011

Tuesday, 8:10 pm to 8:30 pm

The Pleadies Star Cluster!

Today I observed Orion and Rigel. I got bored. I had my binoculars with me. I saw a small patch somewhere near the zenith (Also mentioned in some previous entries). At first I guessed that it would be the Pleadies star cluster. I was right. When I looked at it with my binos, it was so beautiful. It was a small group of several blue stars.

I know that star clusters are the birthplace of new stars and these blue stars are stars younger than the sun. What I didn't know was that I can see the Pleadies so beautifully with the really ordinary and cheap pair of binoculars that I had! Well this was a first! I'm sure to look at this beauty again. Glad to be making progress every time I am looking at the skies, however small that may be.