10th November 2010

Wednesday, 5:30 am to 6:30 am

The Mysterious Comet?

It was very cold. I could see a bright star in the far east. I could see it with my binoculars. It seemed to have a small tail. I think it would a comet. After ten minutes, the sunlight had partially came. The bright star had gone far right and upwards. It should be a comet. I still can see it at this point. After some more minutes it was slowly fading. 5 minutes later it faded completely. Yes, I think its a comet. What else could it be?

Note from Sreeram, 28th Nov 2020

The mysterious comet that I have mentioned here is infact the planet of Venus. I plugged the date into Stellarium and found Venus in the part of the sky and it matches with the observations made by me that day. As for the tail I saw with my binoculars, it would probably be abberation from the shaky binoculars held by a 10 year old me back then.