2nd November 2020


Recieved the tripod mount and the Celestron accessory kit that I had ordered! The Celestron kit consists of a 5x24 finderscope, a 12.5mm and a 6mm eyepiece and a Moon filter. The tripod is not as smooth as the table top mount (the altitude panning), need to get used to it (Note that I was talking about the movement when I attached the optical tube directly to the mount). When I mount the table top mount itself on the tripod, it felt kinda wobbly. Haven't tested this in the field though.

The sky was cloudy for a large part of the night, but I was able to observe Mars ar 20x and 67x with the new eyepieces. The 67x has a very narrow field of view than the 10mm eyepiece. Mars is considerably bigger than how it looks in the 10mm eyepiece, but was too bright to see any detail whatsoever. Maybe adding a barlow lens to this would let me see details on the planet like its ice caps etc.

Also thinking about starting a Messier Object Observation Program.