24th October 2020

Saturday, 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm

In the first half, after viewing the usual planets and the Moon and taking pictures, I tried starhopping to M22, the globular star cluster in Sagittarius. I was able to locate a globular cluster but couldn't confirm whether it was M22 because it was obstructed by the trees soon from where I was using the telescope.

Next I tried to star hop to M57, the Ring Nebula in Lyra with little luck. No visual confirmation although I did see a smudge in between. Need to confirm with the positions of stars in a later viewing.

Later at night, after fixing the finder, I located the Pleadies str cluster, M45 with the finder. The finder is still a bit off though. I could easily locate larger/brighter objects like Mars, Moon and M45 with the finder.

Practiced star hopping near Perseus for a bit with the help of the Pocket Sky Atlas. I was able to confirm the orientation of the map with respect to what I see in the eyepiece. Confirmed this with my drawings of the Pleadies as well. Objects in the eyepiece are just inverted - upside down. There is no mirroring taking place as I had doubted. So I can just hold the atlas upside down to get a direct representation of what I see through the eyepiece.